The Slimtea Weight-loss Challenge. Season 1

Weeks ago, we put out a call on social media for the first ever documented weight loss challenge in Nigeria. The response was amazing as we received well over 500 messages from interested persons in the first week alone! Today, we are super excited to introduce these 4 beautiful ladies who will be living in the SLIMTEA Camp over the next few weeks for the Slimtea Weight Loss Challenge Season 1.

Challenger 1: Nina, Student/Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger
Currently Weighs: 100kg
IG Handle: @nina_kelly

Challenger 2: Romoke aka Romzy, Worker/Beauty Expert
Currently Weighs: 67kg
IG Handle: @lawal_deejah

Challenger 3: TY, Part time model and Actress
Currently Weighs: 91kg
IG Handle: @toyinomole

Challenger 4: Anu, Caterer and Food Enthusiast
Currently Weighs: 111kg
IG Handle: @adebayoanuoluwapo

Each week promises to bring incisive episodes as we follow the lives of these ladies on a somewhat personal journey during their time at the SLIMTEA camp.

The number one goal for this SLIMTEA Weight Loss Challenge is for these ladies to lose weight using a healthy diet, basic exercises and a lot of help from SLIMTEA.

SLIMTEA is a natural weight loss tea made from potent Chinese herbs that helps your body process and burn fat faster leading to a speedier weight loss. Don’t be told about it. Place your order for SLIMTEA today. Visit or call the following numbers; 09080441904, 09084564395, 08181433296, 09080441897, 09083337537, 09098138709.


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