Heavy flooding digs up corpses from graveyards in US Read More>>>>>>

– After days of heavy rains, floods have dug up dead bodies and coffins from graveyards in Louisiana, USA
– At least seven people have died and more than 20,000 rescued from the affected areas in the state
– Louisiana governor says the downpour is historic, probably worst than Hurricane Katrina

Coffins floating out of graveyards in Louisiana. Photo: Metro UK
Flooding in the United States of America has caused major pandemonium in the country after buried corpses resurfaced from graveyards. Metro UK reports the grim sight of coffins floating to the surface from graveyards in Louisiana due to constant rain in the region.
One Anna Johnson, who took pictures of multiple caskets that have emerged from the graveyards, said the storm was real serious.
Louisiana coffins

A casket is seen floating on waters in Ascension Parish, Louisiana, U.S., August 15, 2016. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachman
“We have never seen anything like this. It’s worse than Hurricane Katrina, my husband is on rescue missions right now. He has a boat and he’s helping local sheriffs’ dept.” Metro reports that seven people have died as a result of the storms and more than 20,000 people rescued after over 2ft of water fell in two days in the Louisiana town of Zachary. Louisiana governor, John Bel Edwards said in a statement to residents late Monday that the flooding was a record one.
“Our state is currently experiencing a historic flooding event that is breaking every record. “This event is ongoing, it is not over. We do not know when the floodwaters will recede, and they will continue to rise in some areas.” Metro reports that a helicopter survey late Monday by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office showed that large areas of the area are still submerged with muddy water covering the roads, forested areas, and residential zones, cars and even houses.

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