Top 15 Most Expensive Player, and Transfers In Football History


With Paul Pogba returning to Manchester United for a whooping sum, we take a look at the most expensive transfers in football history.

Paul Pogba has surpassed the £85m deal that saw Gareth Bale move from Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid in 2013.

He re-joined Manchester United – which he left for Juventus in 2012 – after signing a world record five-year contract valued at £89m at the Old Trafford.

It’s the first time an English club will set a world record transfer fee, after Newcastle United paid £15m to sign Alan Shearer from Blackburn Rovers in 1996.

Here are the top 15 most expensive player transfers in football history:-

1. Paul Pogba

Pogba-selfieTransfer: Juventus to Manchester United

Fee: £89m

Year: 2016


2. Gareth Bale2562732_heroa

Transfer: Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid

Fee: £85.3m

Year: 2013

3. Cristiano RonaldoCristiano-Ronaldo---NL5678

Transfer: Manchester United to Real Madrid

Fee: £80m

Year: 2009

4. Gonzalo Higuaíngonzalo-higuain-napoli

Transfer: Napoli to Juventus

Fee: £75.3m

Year: 2016

5. NeymarNeymar

Transfer: Santos to Barcelona

Fee: £71.5m

Year: 2013

6. Luis SuárezSuarez-Liverpool-gossip-608880

Transfer: Liverpool to Barcelona

Fee: £64.9m

Year: 2014

7. James Rodríguez307cc892cd954c73e5c5b4772ebe838a

Transfer: AS Monaco to Real Madrid

Fee: £63m

Year: 2014

8. Ángel Di María458911_heroa

Transfer: Real Madrid to Manchester United

Fee: £59.7m

Year: 2014

9. Zlatan IbrahimovićIbrahimović

Transfer: Inter to Barcelona

Fee: £57m

Year: 2009

10. Kaká

Transfer: AC Milan to Real Madrid

Fee: £56m

Year: 2009

11. Kevin De BruyneKevin-De-Bruyne-celebrates-a-goal-against-PSG

Transfer: Wolfsburg to Manchester City

Fee: £55m

Year: 2015

12. Edinson Cavani

Transfer: Napoli to PSG

Fee: £55m

Year: 2013

13. Radamel FalcaoRadamel-Falcao

Transfer: Atletico Madrid to AS Monaco

Fee: £51m

Year: 2013

14. Fernando TorresFernandoTorresChelseaFC

Transfer: Liverpool to Chelsea

Fee: £50m

Year: 2011

15. David Luizdavid_luiz_NL


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